Pecunda integrates OpenID Connect

Jan Laagland

Pecunda, Ximedes’ closed loop payment system, is continuously innovated based on modern state-of-the-art standards. Pecunda Users and Administrators can access Pecunda via the WEB and be authenticated using the OpenID Connect standard allowing external Identity Providers to be integrated in the Pecunda platform.

OpenID Connect is a modern, widely-adopted identity authentication protocol built on OAuth 2.0 that enables third part login to applications in a standard way. OpenID Connect is developed by a large number of companies and industry experts within the OpenID Foundation.

OpenID is Connect is ideally suited for WEB Access Management. OpenID Connect is also the base of SURFConext the widely used authentication service (identity provider) of SURF used by the Dutch Higher Education organizations.

Integrating OpenID as identity protocol is part of the continious innovation cycle of Pecunda. API’s will be based on modern REST/JSON based API’s with integrated test facilities and documentation for 3rd parties.

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