for Organizations

Every day your employees and guests pay for services provided by you and your service providers. Vending machines, POS points, printers and access controllers, all need to be able to apply the correct pricing rules and discounts, based on user identity and payment credentials.

for Organizations

Every day your employees and guests pay for services provided by you and your service providers. Vending machines, POS points, printers and access controllers, all need to be able to apply the correct pricing rules and discounts, based on user identity and payment credentials.


Vending the unvendible

The vending machines in this concept are not about soda cans and chocolate bars but about the tools we need to do our job.

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New Pecunda touch screen reloader

Pecunda adds an enhanced 7” touch screen version to its family of multibank reloaders.

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Pecunda integrates OpenID Connect

Pecunda, Ximedes’ closed loop payment system, is continuously innovated based on modern state-of-the-art standards.

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Pecunda payment platform

Own the flow

As a site owner, you need to have insight into the flow of money through your organization, across vendors and across devices. Reliable clearing and settlement with your service providers requires detailed insight into what was sold, at what price and through which channel.

Full control

The Pecunda Payment Platform offers a turn-key solution for all your facility payment needs. From pricing to payment processing, clearing & settlement and reporting, Pecunda gives you full control over, and insight into, the flow of value.

Flexible by design

Due to its modular architecture Pecunda is flexible, scalable and expandable. It supports closed loop as well as open SEPA payments. Pecunda works out of the box with various POS systems, CMS and other suppliers, printers & copiers and vending machines.

Anywhere, anytime

The Pecunda platform offers mobile and online access for your users to manage their individual account, see their balance and an overview of their transactions.


At your service

Whether you need support for daily operations and hosting, or just occasional support to resolve technical issues, our experienced helpdesk and service team is available with in-depth knowledge to support your Pecunda implementation.

The Ximedes service desk is available 5*10 for all your questions, issues and problems. With available and experienced engineers at hand we can offer you the Pecunda support you may expect.

Our technical support services provide your IT staff and facility manager with access to our experienced service & R&D team for technical support. Our team provides remote and on-site support to prevent problems and resolve issues quickly.

The Pecunda platform is hosted on a dedicated virtual server in our data center or at Amazon. Typical services provided by us include: hosting, server monitoring, security monitoring, back-up and storage, server and software configuration and maintenance.

All card/account balances and service provider pay-out amounts within Pecunda, are stored on a real bank account(e.g. ING Bank) compliant with all the banking regulatory demands. Ximedes manages this float to keep track of which part belongs to which account/card (employee) and which part will be paid out to the Service providers IBAN. Periodically (weekly) we initiate bank transactions (SEPA credit transfer) the payout to these service providers. On request we initiate pay-out the card amount back to the IBAN bank account of the card holder, also with a SEPA credit transfer. Account holders can add value to their account by using debit cards, credit cards, cash or if desired SEPA Direct Debit mandates. Ximedes report on weekly basis the debit/credit initiations on the bank account. And last but not least this Pecunda bank account can be held by you or by an independent foundation.

With every Pecunda platform implementation comes a multi-year service level agreement ensuring that your payment platform keeps fit for use and stays compliant to all payment regulations. We design in close cooperation the desired service levels, uptime and response time.

"With our migration toolset we support a smooth transition to the cloud based Pecunda platform for guaranteed continuity"


Useful insights,
better decisions

Made to Measure

Every site is different, and processing your transactions in a secure and seamless way requires an optimal configuration of Pecunda for your situation. We have rolled out Pecunda across many sites and situations, and will tailor its configuration to ensure it will run smoothly in your application landscape.

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Cards & Tokens

Pecunda allows you to create and manage users, user groups, cards or mobile tokens, card groups and cost centers. Create cards/tokens, assign privileges, user & user groups, status and validity. We provide the secure card/token scheme whether it is our token or your own.

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NFC Terminals

Configure your Pecunda NFC terminals and stations. Create and assign terminal groups. Define products available at the terminal and set restrict use of terminals to certain terminal groups. Pecunda terminals continue operating during network failures. Transactions are stored in the terminal until a data exchange with the Pecunda server is re-established.

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Manage Products

Define your products, product groups, product price & time tables, discounts, budgets and product details like VAT rates. You can also define products to be available only for certain user groups.

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Manage Reports

Pecunda includes a large set of predefined reports for standard KPIs such as turnover, products, cards, terminals, groups, and transactions. Frequently used reports are organized in a dashboard for easy access.
Report generation is automated. You define at what time you want a report to be generated and with what selection parameters. Generated reports are stored or emailed based on a distribution list. Reports can be generated as PDF CSV.

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Manage the Float

Since the total amounts of all your accounts in Pecundais stored on one bank account. Pecunda is by means of our Virtual Account System designed to keep track of every account balance and the transactions involved, from reloads to payments, to pay-outs with your business rules in mind. At every moment we know exactly what has to be paid out to your service providers.

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Any market,
integrated seamlessly


Hospitals, healthcare institutes and residential facilities benefit from Pecunda by providing budget, discount and payment options to a mixed group of users like patients, clients, employees and guests for in-house shops, catering, vending, laundry, parking and access to restricted facilities.

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Pecunda provides schools, colleges and universities with a cashless campus payment system supporting a mixed population of students, employees and guests with differentiated cashless payment and cost allocation options for typical campus services like student shops, catering, printing, vending and added value other services.

Events & Hospitality

Benefits for a private cashless payments system like Pecunda can also be applied to other payment segments like events and hospitality such as Stadiums, clubs, sports & events.

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Industry & Office

Large industrial sites and offices benefit from Pecunda by going cashless with ease of payment and reduced queues for catering and vending services. With smart storage and forward functionality, Pecunda facilitates always payments, even if no network is available. Pecunda privileges allow differentiated pricing for groups of workers like staff, employees, contractors and interns.

Pecunda AREAS

Used everywhere,
in any situation

To be able to meet our client’s demands, Pecunda works close together with added-value partners like: Major vending machines suppliers and operators to support integration of our terminal into your vending machines, Suppliers of multifunctional printers, copiers & scanners as well as print management software products, POS suppliers to offer a seamless point of sale experience and Payment Service Processors (PSP) for online and mobile payment processing.

Catering & Shops

Cashless payments are secure, fast and convenient for caterers and customers alike. It eliminates the costs, the low hygiene and risks associated with handling large amounts of cash. What’s more, you can assign budgets to specific users and you have a good view of your cashless turnover.

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Printing & Copying

Removing the need for cash payment makes multifunctionals, photocopiers and printers much more attractive for users. In addition, you can grant discounts or allocate budgets to users or user groups. For example, allow teachers to use copiers for free or allocate usage to cost centers. Pecunda connects and integrates various 3rd party solutions for follow-me printing. Pecunda offers control over print and copy.

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The efficiency and attractiveness of unattended vending machines will increase by offering contactless cashless payments. Studies show that turnover rises in a cashless environment, while operating costs drop. Sounds good? Pecunda Vending payment terminals are suitable for every type of vending machine.

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One account,
multiple IDs,
endless uses

End users have mobile access to their Pecunda account to see their balance and transactions and manage their account, reload settings and privileges.

It supports mobile reloading of purse and privileges with popular payment methods like PayPal, iDeal, credit card and debit card.

The app requires login credentials issued to users.
Login credentials can be set by the Pecunda administrator of integrated with your single sign-on (SSO) software like OpenID or LDAP.

Pecunda Reloader

The Pecunda station is a self-service station to reload online or card balance and budgets.
The station can be configured for 1 to 4 cabinets supporting reloading by means of debit and/or credit cards with touchscreen integration and card validation.
For visitors, there is support of purchase and return cards at the station, optionally with a refundable deposit.



The controller is a robust and versatile control unit for proximity transaction processing. It supports online cloud- based as well as offline card-based accounts.
The controller offers an API for remote management and interfaces via TCP/IP (fixed line or mobile).

Pecunda Terminals

Ximedes provides contactless smart card readers for integration in your specific environment and is available in several housings to meet your specific requirements. Pecunda terminals are fit to pay both with private smart cards as well as contactless debit/credit banking cards. Pecunda supports EMVc integration of certified EMV payment terminals.
For un-networked or less reliable network environments the terminals can operate in offline mode storing transactions locally for post-processing. The terminal features:

Card types
Mifare (Classic, DESfire), Legic (Prime, Advant), Java cards and FeLiCa.
User Interface
LCD display, 4 function keys, beeper, ‘touch’ or ‘insert’ card interface.
Table top, wall mount, vending (EVA) mount, embedded/built-in.
Floor stand, with or without touchscreen, for housing the payment terminal.

pecunda statistics

Clients use Pecunda every day.